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bltc. du wla lg ko knu kbtyag ah. Ang feeling nga nkita mo gn post ni girl pic nla duwa. maybe cla ngd mn. Po goodluck cnyu ah. du ndi ko pa kilala BESTFRIEND ko ba! Andaman mo nmn balik2 ka skun kng ma away2 kmu ha. Goodluck. Last na ni nga pakagga cmu pramis. byeKITCH!

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Boy:  I'm sorry.
Girl:  Sorry for what?
Boy:  For taking you for granted. For being such a coward. For ignoring you.
Girl:  It's okay. I already accepted that fact and i got used to it, anyway.
Boy:  Can you still forgive me and let's give it a try this time?
Girl:  You know, I've always wanted to hear that from you. i've always wanted to make you realize my importance and existence. I've waited until i have no reason to wait. Until giving up was my last option.
Boy:  I'm really sorry, but don't worry, this time, i will make it up to you. i'll surely treasure you and hope you'll give me another chance.
Girl:  I am sorry too. Time got into me. You've already taught me so many things and one of it was to love myself first before anything else and i thank you for that. You've hurt me many times and I cant risk experiencing that again. Thank you anyway but i am better off without you.
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If she’s broken, let her be. I’m sure pretty sure that, she’s doesn’t want to be broken. This is something beyond anyone’s control. It just won’t work. Do not stop her from being sad and being broken. Because it is really hard to pretend that you’re strong when you’re actually not. Don’t stop her…

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-Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye, “An Origin Story”  (via 1112pm)

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